Becoming an entrepreneur is among the best options you can
take to pursue in your life. By becoming an entrepreneur, you have already
demonstrated your leadership trait, the drive to see your idea materialized and
you have decided to take the next major step to realize your vision that is
running your own business. At Dilex we provide free business consultation to
different entrepreneurs and also to any other person who want to start a
business. Our company provide consultation services by physical visitation to
our offices and also to different social networks especially in WhatsApp
groups. Our free consultation services specifically based on transforming
informal business to formal, not only that but also, we help entrepreneurs to
plan for their brand strategies.


 Formalizing your
business comes with a number of benefits including improving access to public
services and formal credit, recognition, trust for your product /services and
access to other facilities like insurance services for your business.
Experience shows that many entrepreneurs avoid to formalize their business
thinking that it will be costlier, others believe that formalizing makes
operation difficult as it attracts all regulatory authorities including the
taxman to the business, but the truth is by operating legally you get more
benefits than loses. All businesses are registered by Business Registration and
Licensing Agency (BRELA) but the process of registration is somehow difficult
because it involves online registration system (ORS), as not everybody can
manage to undertake the registration process at Dilex we do help people and
businesses to be registered by Brela and also to comply with other Business
Regulatory Authorities at very affordable processing fees.


This is the act of giving an organization a particular name,
design image or symbol in order to advertise its products and services with a
consistent theme. At dilex we do assist businesses to develop their brand from
scratch by crafting company logo, colour codes, tagline, mission, vision
statement, stationery design, package design, uniform design, signage design


Products or services of a business organization must be
communicated to the audience so as to persuade them, promotion mix includes
different approaches like personal selling, advertising and public relation. At
dilex we do help businessowners to practice advertising through social networks
(Social Media Advertising), in this we help them to plan, to open social
network accounts and to brand them by posting stunning well-designed posts and
processing the online payment of their adverts.


At dilex we do graphic desgning for both Printing and Digital Interactive. Designing for Printing includes catalogs, brochures, flyers, stickers, trade show booths, outdoor banners, outdoor bill boards, indoor banners, posters, calendars etc. Digital interactives designs include user interface (UI) for mobile applications, websites, blogs, social network posts etc.


The company has built an inevitable reputation for all electrical works and supplying of quality electrical materials for domestic, industrial and commercial installation.